Kellivale Estate: new name, new website, new shop! Let's GO!

For those of you that know anything about me or my family, know that we are passionate about making wine.

As a quick trip down memory lane, we planted our first grapevines almost 20 years ago, and have been making wine since 1999. I will confess, we have had mixed success over the years - a combination of weather conditions and learning.

Nonetheless, throughout this time we have been determined to perfect the art of making wines that are less known around the Geographe Wine region. Nebbiolo, Albarino, Savingin to name a few. Distinctly different wines.

This year we decided it was time to ramp up our business operations. So, we made a few changes.

Firstly, we've changed our name from Geographe Wines of Capel to Kellivale Estate, in honour and loving memory of our first daughter Kelli. This was really a no-brainer for all that were involved in this big decision.

As a result of our name change, we've got new wine bottle labels, that also have special meaning for us.

Kellivale Estate Blue Tractor, Wine Barrels and Sasha the Dog

Anyone who has visited our vineyard would have seen our little blue tractor that has worked so hard for us over the years. We thought it deserved pride of place on our bottles. We've also given a special nod to our much loved Sassy, our Queensland Cattle Dog, who ran the vines with us for many many years and in fact saved our son Daniel's life, when he was set upon by an rampaging male kangaroo. We owe Daniels' life to Sassy, so we think she rightly deserves a place on our label.

We're a sentimental bunch, us McDermotts!

Our Wine Shop is open for business, and we've got some great drops ready and waiting for you to try. Seriously good drops in fact. Go on, take a look.... there's no postage costs if you live in Australia, even more of a reason to shop!

The great news is that this years vintage is a triumph, and I am very eager to get it bottled, so you can start sampling the fruit of my labour. We will have some beautiful Nebbiolo Rose ready in a few months, (just in time for Spring!) and some other luscious reds to keep you warm over winter.

We are genuinely excited about this new bold step we are making and there are more exciting things to come for Kellivale Estate this year and in the not so distant future. So please, stay tuned!

We'll send emails out from time to time to keep people up to date with what's going on, so join our mailing list and never miss out on the good news!

If you have any feedback or questions or just want to say hi, drop me a note via the contact page.

Cheers for now.


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