Bronze at the 2018 Sydney Wine Show!!!

Bronze Medal 2018 Sydney Wine Show

Anne and I are seriously chuffed at the news of Kellivale Estate 2017 Nebbiolo Rose being awarded a Bronze medal at the illustrious Sydney Wine Show this year.

We knew our fruit was great when we picked it and we would like to tip our hats to our brilliant team at Naturaliste Vintners (Remy and Bruce) for helping us make such a delicious drop!

In addition, we are so proud to have made the highest ranking WA Rose, according to the judges at the 2018 Sydney Wine Show and we are in incredible company with our fellow WA bronze medal winners, Willow Bridge Estate and Deep Woods Estate.

You can pick up a pack of 6 or 12 bottles of wine with free delivery from our online shop.

We hope you enjoy our spectacular pink rose as much as the judges did!



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